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Christmas at Maplemont Manor

I love book clubs, and if you’re here, I’m guessing that we have that in common. My book clubs have introduced me to both great books and kindred spirits who love talking about books.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience many book club guides read a bit like they were designed for a stuffy, literary theory class. Not this one! These are some things that we would gossip about if we met at my book club. I hope you find this guide as a fun start to the conversation with your friends and fellow readers about Christmas at Maplemont Manor.

  • While this novel takes place during the Christmas season, do you think that it could be said that Christmas itself is almost a character in this novel? Why or why not?
  • Much of the novel emphasizes the close relationship between Holly and Noelle. What could you relate to about the relationship between these sisters?
  • This is the first novel in the Maplemont series. Did you find it a fun introduction to this quaint town? Which of the secondary characters would you have liked to learn more about?
  • Each chapter in Christmas at Maplemont Manor has a light-hearted, unique title with a holiday pun that relates directly to the events in that chapter. Which were your favorite chapter names and why?
  • Let’s talk about the food! Food takes center stage in this novel, from award-winning maple fudge to cardamom rolls and a tagine dinner. What did you want to try out the most? Do you have a favorite recipe for maple fudge? What are your favorite holiday treats? Julie’s favorites are the cardamom rolls, which she makes from scratch herself rather routinely!
  • The fellow residents of Maplemont (even those relatives of Maplemont residents) help to drive the story, as well as, to bring the couple together via their matchmaking. Which character was your favorite matchmaker in town – Fiona or Betty? Why?