Reading and Writing

I read a lot and my book choices span most genres. Generally speaking, at any one time I’m probably reading two or three books. I might discover them at the library or learn about them from a friend, but either way there’s always a stack of books with bookmarks somewhere in my house. Sometimes my travels inspire me to read about a place. I enjoy reading, learning new things, and talking about books with others.

Generally I finish most of them and I find it pretty easy to pick up where I left off. Library books always get read faster, because of the timeline required to return them. When I’m writing, I often avoid fiction all together to avoid the possibility of another author’s style getting mixed into my writing project.

While some prefer sticking within a favorite specific genre, I enjoy the challenge and diversity of switching it up, based on my mood, what’s interesting to me at the moment, or which library hold gets delivered first. I could hardly say that I have a reading plan or anything that resembles cohesion. On my Goodreads page, I review books that I have enjoyed and you’ll see that they vary from science fiction to mysteries to non-fiction, and everything in between.

I also try to really challenge myself with a book that I wouldn’t typically read or something that’s super long and a big time commitment at least once or twice a year. My reading also inspires me about potential story ideas, characters, and improving my own writing by learning from other writers.

I’m sure that most writers read a lot – mostly because we love books. I do hope that readers enjoyed my book, The Magic of Cape Disappointment, and that it ends up in a lively discussion in their book club one day or with their friends. Keep reading, friends! There are so many wonderful books out there.