Flashes of Inspiration

Picture of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. Photo by Julie Manthey

As a writer, I think about creativity and inspiration a lot. I wonder about muses. For me, travel is probably my main muse along with a nice break for a cup of tea or coffee. Inspiration can be like the guiding flash of light from a lighthouse on a dark night that guides you to shore.

It’s that flash of an idea to fix a scene in a novel or screenplay, or the exact right turn of phrase that perfects the dialogue. Sometimes I get the idea for something when I’m driving or on the treadmill. (What a great excuse to stop running on the treadmill – I have to get home to write!)

In my writer’s group, we end each session with a flash fiction exercise. Usually we have some sort of writing prompt and we each write for a few minutes and then share with the group. What I’ve learned from those sessions is the value of focus, finding inspiration from a few threads in a prompt, and then just rolling with a story idea that isn’t fully formed.

Sometimes that ‘flash fiction’ prompt will join up with another idea in my brain for something to add to a current writing project or an idea for a brand new project. It’s also good practice for basic creative writing.

Wherever you get your inspiration from, I hope that you follow it and nurture it. If that means you have to stop the treadmill earlier than planned, well, that’s just a perk. 🙂